Fluffies, Volumes & Nudies

The only thing to look forward to past Valentine's Day is the nearing scent of spring in the air. 
This Spring/Summer season there are some definite lash trends evolving on the runway and off, here are our the top three picks that are really taking social media by stunning storm. 

Fluffy lashes are no doubt the ethereal, mysterious eye stunners that are all over social media.
This lash style was made popular by the quad Ks a few years back, but its holding strong due to its eye opening effect. The fluffy look is created by combining various lengths of short and long lashes, with a thin, feathery and light diameter. 

Fluffy lash crushes: The quad Ks (Kylie, Kendall, Kim & Khloe) and Huda kKattan


3D, 4D, 6D and even 10D!! Sounds like a rather well endowed lash if you ask me. Double Ds anyone? This is definitely a bold look, your eye batting can be seen from a good distance, so if you plan to grab someone's attention from across the room, this is your go to style. Volumes are created with the help of lash groupings known as lash fans, these fans have a single stem that then splits into 3, 4, 6 or sometimes 10 very think lashes. Each stem is attached to a single natural lash, when multiple fans are adhered to natural lashes, the effect is a seamless tightly packed volume look evoking 60s vintage glam.

Volume lash crushes: Adele, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga. 


The nude lash look goes in hand with this Spring/Summer's no makeup look made popular by empowered lady bosses like Alicia Keys. The focus is mostly on makeup free natural glowy skin, but let's not think that lashes are taking a back seat with this look. Because makeup is mostly non existent, lashes get a change to shine without looking overpowering and false. A lovely natural set of Bs does the job perfectly. Adding that bit of contrast to an otherwise bare and beautiful canvas. 

Nudie lash crushes: Alicia Keys, Solange Knowles, Gigi Hadid.