Lash Application

Is this a good or bad application?

Would you really know if this is what you have always been getting?

We get too many new clients coming in with this and assume this is what it should be and that we are being sticklers for not wanting to fill them in.

A few things we want to clarify:

We will fill them in as long as there are no clumping or sticking of your lashes

We are probably one of the many few who are willing to fill in work from another salon. Hey! Guess what! There are other good artists out there and why would we make a client take off lashes that have been placed well and need a refill!

However; more of these type of lashes come in. We will always consult, discuss, explain and take pictures to show you why we can't do a fill. We would then suggest a removal and a new set placed. Hey listen.. We value money and understand this is not a cheap process, but we can't stand behind work that is not done to it's standard. Not only that! It's your eyes!! You only get one pair!

Here is the biggest misconception of lash extensions. Lash extensions are to replace having to not wear mascara NOT and we repeat NOT strip lashes.

Yes the picture could represent that but if you wanted to achieve this look, it wouldn't be called lash extensions and we don't do it at Lust For Lashes.

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 Not ours and yes! This is a bad application

Not ours and yes! This is a bad application