Some of us lash challenged ladies are secretly thanking the heavens for the arrival of lash extensions... How did we ever live without them? Well, we lived, but a lash life half full.

So, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better in the lash world and just in time for the holidays, we are excited to announce that we are now offering Russian Volume Lashes. It is by far this year's latest and biggest lash trend. We are able to add length, create boldness, glam and volume while keeping the integrity of your natural lashes. These lashes are softer and fluffier making them even more gentle on your eyes. Check out our instagram page for reference and for our latest volume set looks.

For those of you wanting to switch over from your classic set to volume, please make sure to book your next refill appointment based on our mixed volume refill selection. We can then slowly transition you over if you wish without needing to remove your current set. 

Give your lashes extra drama for the holidays!

Please call, email or text us if you have any questions. 

Russian Volume Lashes on the lower right, bare lashes on upper the left. 

Russian Volume Lashes on the lower right, bare lashes on upper the left. 

F/W 2016 LASH ART: DARK, CLUMPY, SPIKEY and painted

Fall always calls for change not just in weather and the amount of daylight hours but also in clothing and makeup routines and looks. So it's the perfect time to seriously step up your eyelash game. 

This season’s runway lashes are art inspired and dolled up with the likes of clumpy dark black mascara, spikey extensions, lots of colour and designs. If you don't step out of your house every morning runway ready these looks maybe a bit too avant-garde, non? Try the Lust for Lashes mega full set with added bottom lash extensions, yes we do bottoms now too! Oh and don't forget to ask about our NEW volumizing technique! It's quite amazing! Whatever look you strut, let lashes be your crowning glory this fall.